Cambridge Rotary’s “Bookarama” continues, after approximately 15 years, to enjoy strong support from the local community, who donate books all year round to be sold in a very busy week at the end of September each year in the iconic Cambridge Town Hall.
The Club is able to return about $20,000 in grants to local groups and organisations each year but has also supported needs such as the Christchurch earthquake appeal where we helped the rowing club with the purchase of a van so they could continue training elsewhere.
The books are gathered by a keen team of assistants and committee members, and generously, three local garages allow us their premises as a drop off point for three months prior to the sale weeks.  Books are sorted at a Club Members large business premise one morning per week, which is enjoyed by all who participate, some members of the Community come and assist us.

Despite the advent of electronic readers many people still enjoy reading by paper and the hope of finding something special or rare or really interesting brings people back each year.
This year Bookarama ran from September 30th to Oct 3rd