Rotary Cambridge


Bookarama is a project to recycle books and quality magazines that people no longer need and sell them to raise funds for distribution to the Community. 
Last year's Bookarama was a great success raising about $17,000 for distribution to charitable organisations working in our community. 

We are now collecting books for this year’s sale to be held 6-10 May. Good quality used books and magazines (see below for guidelines)
Good quality used books and magazines (see below for guidelines on what people want) can be left at Achievement House on work days between 9am and 3pm. If you would like to know more or need help with your donation of books please call either Ray (07-827-3137) or Dennis (07-823-3302).
This not to be missed event is held in the Cambridge Town Hall. Books are sorted into categories for your convenience with a special area set aside for children and young people’s books.
Thanks to everyone who has supported Bookarama in the past we look forward to seeing you again this year.
We can sell:
We can’t sell:
  • Good quality books – fiction and non-fiction
  • Hardback or paperback
  • Collectable books or magazines
  • Glossy magazines less than two years old in good order
  • Vintage comics
  • CDs and DVDs – not scratched
  • Vinyl records in good condition (not scratched)
  • Complete jigsaw puzzles and board games
  • Damaged books or books you wouldn’t want to be given
  • Old library books
  • Readers Digest magazines or abridged books
  • Free magazines (AA, Airlines, Nourish, etc)
  • Old gardening or cook books
  • Video tapes
  • Music tapes