Thanks to huge community support and a host of willing volunteers this year’s Bookarama was the most successful in recent years.
Whether this was because the quality of our books was improved or the new timing, prior to Christmas, is anybody’s guess. 
There were some surprises, perhaps because of the lockdowns we all experienced we sold more gardening and cook books that usual! Some customers asking if we had cook books for children. We also sold more vinyl (the in-thing) and CDs (surprising given many people’s move to music streaming services).
With many fundraising activities halted or delayed by the pandemic this was a great result and funds  raised will be going back into our community to support local charities.
Thanks Cambridge.
As for next year’s Bookarama, well I’m pleased you asked.
Collections of books, DVDs, CDs, vinyl will start again in the new year, keep an eye out on Facebook and watch this space.