During 2018, Days for Girls Cambridge are meeting on the first Wednesday afternoon of the month at 1pm at the Cambridge Bridge Club and also at 7pm on the first Thursday evening of the month, at the same venue. We bring our own sewing machines and sew there. Some members also sew at home. There are 16 ladies involved in sewing shields and they come to one of the sessions when they can. 
It is lovely group of women who enjoy each other's company and enjoy doing something to help other girls and women in less fortunate circumstances than our selves.
If you are interested in sewing with us or donating to such a good cause you can contact Anne at anne@lilies.co.nz 0276879724
L to R:  Tiffany the leader of the American branch of Days for girls, Lisette Hulme from Matamata Rotary (Waikato leader), the CEO and founder of Days for girls Celeste Morgan (USA)  and  Anne Blewden.