Rotary Cambridge has reluctantly decidedto stop publishing the annual CambridgeFindit  community directory. First published in 1992, the directory has raised more than $1.25 million dollars that has been distributed to various community groups and organisations.
As well as being a huge fundraising success, it has been an important source of community information. The decision to stop printing the directory was difficult to make as Rotary Cambridge is aware its demise means many in the community will be without the large print directory full of useful information.  However, stopping production was necessary with the increase in online directories and the increasing demands on local businesses for their advertising and sponsorship dollar, meaning fewer businesses being prepared to advertise in it. While the directory was distributed free, its survival depended on sponsorship support.
Rotary Cambridge sincerely thanks all the businesses that have generously supported the directory through the years, assisting in its production and  with sponsoring so many community groups.