A great project, helping farmers clear unwanted or felled trees, providing reasonably priced firewood for those needing it, while distributing funds raised back to the community. Plus the Rotarians and helpers involved have enjoyed
getting up a bit of a sweat and one and other’s company.
This hands-on project has been running a couple of years now. Felled trees have been generously donated to Rotary Cambridge and a group of members and friends of Rotary have cut and split the timber and sold it at a discounted price to those needing firewood. Started by Ken Leatham and Chris Cricket, at least 50 loads of firwood have been sold and distributed  and the proceeds have been used to fund other community projects. 
The project was started in September 2019, with the trees donated by Shane Blair on Harbutt Road, Te Miro. 20 members and 3 helpers from the Business after 5 group were at the first working Bee and collectively did about 120 hours on the day with about 20 loads going out. 
A further 10 loads from Luck at Last Road were poorer quality Willow and these were given out for free to families whose names came from the people at Cambridge Community House after the first Covid Lockdown was lifted.
In 2020/21 we have cut, split and delivered about 15 loads involving 10 members, total of 60 hours and receiving further funds for community distribution from sales and a raffle. 
The  latest effort is splitting and stacking a large amount that David Blewden has donated from some trees he has cut down on his property which four members started on in spring 2021.