Rotary Cambridge E-Waste Recycling Rotary Cambridge has launched a new service for the Waipa community, to collect E-Waste, and dispose /recycle electrical items in an environmentally responsible manner. Items that are in working order, or can be repaired, are recycled or repurposed.
    E-Waste includes any equipment or product that operates on electricity or a battery. We are currently collecting E-Waste items up to the size of a microwave oven. 
    Collections are scheduled to held every 3rd Sunday- 9- 11am out the front of Cambridge High School in Swayne Rd. Because of Level 3 restrictions these were not held in October and November but, as we are now L2 will recommence in December.
    Sad Facts:
    • 80% of all New Zealand E-Waste ends up in landfills, and is not recycled.
    • The average New Zealander disposes of nearly 30kg of E-Waste per year.
    • A community the size of Cambridge generates up to 20-Tonnes of battery waste per year.  
    • E-Waste contributes approx. 40% of Lead and 70% of Heavy Metals found in landfills.  
    We have had enthusiastic encouragement and support from Waipa District Council (via their Community Waste Minimization Fund) and the Cambridge Community Board. This is an ongoing Rotary service project for Waipa residents, with the main goals being:
     Year-1 Objective:  To reduce the volume of E-Waste going to landfill in Cambridge by 30-Tonnes. 
    1. To recover and recycle as many materials as possible.
    2. To identify products which are not at the end of their life and can be re-used.
    3. To divert toxic and undesirable materials from landfills.
    4. To dispose of residual materials in an environmentally responsible manner.
    Our most recent collections were done via local schools. As part of these school community collections, Rotary members visited the schools prior to collection day to present and inform the students on the importance and implications of E-Waste recycling. 
    There are a number of reputable, community organizations around NZ, collecting and recycling E-Waste like Rotary Cambridge.  It is not possible to perform this non-profit community service without charging modest fees to dispose of E-Waste in an environmentally friendly manner. 
    The list PRESS HERE sets out fees charged for the typical E-Waste items that we collect. The project is run by Rotary volunteers as a service to our community, and is a non-profit, non-fund-raising activity.
    Regular monthly drop- off collections  are held outside Cambridge High School (Swayne Road) 9- 11am on the THIRD SUNDAY of every month. The next collection in Cambridge will be on Sunday 19 December.