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Sir Don Rowlands Centre at Mighty River Domain
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New Zealand
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Speaker: Harriet Dixon
Subject: Cambridge Community House
Venue: Don Rowlands Centre - Upstairs' Room - Lake Karapiro - 5.30pm for 6.00pm Start  


From the President – John and Linda Tarbutt, Bill Robinson, Keith Rogers and I attended a very enjoyable District Changeover in Havelock North last weekend.  Although delayed from the end of June, both outgoing DG Peter Maxwell and current DG Grant Spackman presented their reports and Peter announced the District Awards for 2019/20.  Cambridge again did well with its achievements – winning the Communications Award as well as John Tarbutt being personally recognised with the Service above Self award for his work as Council on Legislation representative. 
Congratulations to Roger Gordon and the publicity team for great work during IPP Robyn’s year, and John for his significant contribution.  Those present at the Changeover enjoyed the entertainment provided, an inspirational speaker and lovely lunch – as well of course the usual Rotary fellowship.
The Rotary Cambridge Board met on 21 July and some of the points of interest are:
  • Bus Shelter has been ordered and Rotary logos agreed for each end (should be up by the end of September when the road works are complete)
  • Cambridge High School has been approached regarding our possible return there
  • Charity Dinner to be rescheduled for first half of 2021
  • Race to Raise Funds to be rescheduled for 2022
  • Firewood – more to be cut up for delivery when access conditions improve
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner scheduled for 26 September
  • Rotary Education for new and not so new members due to start in August
  • World Polio Day on 24 October will be celebrated with a window display and other publicity
  • Leave of Absence was approved for – Bronwen Byers, Dennis Finn, Elaine Ruis, Denis White and Ron Geck
Meeting Notes: 30July 2020.
ZOOM Meeting held at 5.30 p.m. 30 July 2020.
President Bev Maur-Rogers welcomed the attendees.
18 members had joined the meeting.
Guest Speakers
Nigel Salter gave an overview of the global and Australian sugar industry, and this was followed by a presentation by Alan van Niekerk on the use of helicopters in the power industry.
District Change Over
President Bev reported that she and 4 members had attended the District changeover in Havelock North. 
The Club was recognised:
  • Cambridge Rotary Club received the Communications award for producing the best overall communications during the year (2020/2021), and
  • John Tarbutt received the “DISTRICT SERVICE ABOVE SELF AWARD in recognition of his dedication and work as the District’s Council on Legislation Representative 30 June 2020”
President Bev congratulated Roger Gordon and his Committee for this achievement, and thanked John Tarbutt for his efforts.
General Business
President Bev thanked Jan Bilton for arranging the very successful Vocational visit to the Cambridge Raceway the previous week.
Mark Hanlon reminded members that the E-waste collection was scheduled for Saturday week – all contributions most welcome.
A separate email will be forwarded with more details.
President Bev thanked guest speakers Nigel Salter and Alan van Niekerk and all members for their attendance, and closed the meeting at 6.30 pm.
COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP 2020-21                                                   President Beverley Maul-Rogers
John Bishop (D/PN)Ken Leatham (D)John Bullick (D)David Partis (D)Jan Bilton (D)
Andrew BatemanBill WilsonCarey ChurchAndy NewmanAlan van Niekirk
Bev Heron (Trs)Chris CrickettDennis FinnBrian PalmerBronwen Byers
Bill MacMillanDerek BurnsElaine RuisDavid BlewdenDenis White
Bill RobinsonDoug Lang Keith RogersGavin LevesqueDon Harris
Colin DavisGreg GascoigneKim PrichardGordon CalderDon Wilson
David SmithJono GibsonRoger GordonGretchen BosackerLesleyAnn Thomas
Ian Grant (PE)Jeremy IrwinRon GeckLaurie GrahamNigel Salter
Ian RogersJohn WindleShirley HaycockMark HanlonRichard Seabrook
John TarbuttRichard JohnstoneSilvio RibeiroMaurice MarshmentRobyn Crickett (IPP)
Peter FisherShona DevoyTom PickeringRay MilnerRoger Hill
   Ted Mason 
Active members as at 08.06.20  - 57       



Please take note of the Duty Roster and be in good time for your duties. 

If you are unable to attend on the date you are rostered, please swap or arrange a substitute. Please also advise the President and Sargent of the change.
Should you wish to download ere is a link to the duty responsibilities  
 Please Text Apologies and extras including names and the related date to 021 0267 8742 (or phone) or email  BY end of day ON Tuesday
To send apologies or extras, do not press reply from this bulletin email
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Ian Rogers
Tom Pickering
Colin Davis
John Windle
Ian Rogers
Roger Hill
Maurie Marshment
Keith Rogers
Ted Mason
Laurie Graham
LesleyAnne Thomas
Nigel Salter
Jono Gibson
Richard Johnstone
Kim Prichard
Did You Know…?
Richard Seabrook
Silvio Ribeiro
Doug Lang
Jeremy Irwin
Maurie Marshment
Shirley Haycock
Mark Hanlon
John Tarbutt
Brian Palmer
David Blewden
Don Wilson
Gavin Levesque
Bev Heron
Brian Palmer
Gordon Calder
John Tarbutt
Roger Gordon
Shirley Haycock
Alan van Neikerk
Andrew Bateman
Don Harris
Gretchen Bosacker
Nigel Salter
Richard Johnstone
Shona Devoy
Silvio Ribeiro
Roger Hill
Shona Devoy
Bill Robinson
Bill Wilson
Derek Burns
Greg Gascoigne
Richard Seabrook
Roger Gordon
Ted Mason
Alan van Niekerk


If you have been rostered to a duty then see the following. Remember if you are rostered and you are not going to be attending, as well as apologising, it is your duty to find a replacement
Club Meetings 
Attendance Duty
5.20pm in time to welcome people as they arrive at venue – currently at Don Rowlands Centre
Welcome members and visitors alike.
Record attendance and apologies on attendance sheet.
Complete name cards for all visitors to wear and record names.
Record make ups and receive attendance cards.
Provide attendance cards to visiting Rotarians. Charge $23.50 for meal unless guest of a member.
Encourage members to buy raffle tickets.
Give President list of all visitors including members partners and visiting Rotarians. 
Prepare summary of attendance numbers.
Hand attendance sheet to treasurer for charging of meals.
Members Badges stored in room by meeting venue.
Raffle tickets and cash box stored in black metal cupboard in equipment room Key to cupboard attached to inside of lectern.
Attendance sheet received from attendance officer any time after midday on Wednesday. 
Cash box stored in black cupboard in equipment room.
Welcome Duty
5.20pm in time to welcome people as they arrive.
Welcome members and visitors alike.
Stand by the entrance and greet everyone as they arrive (a great way to learn members’ names).
Introduce any visitor to the President if possible (he/she may be otherwise engaged).
Introduce the speaker to the person rostered to introduce them later in the evening. You will need to know who the speaker is and who is introducing them.
Introduce other visitors to one or more members and ask them to host the visitor for the evening.
A handshake and a welcoming smile.
Equipment Duty 
5.15pm in time to set up before regular meeting.
Plus after the close of the meeting
Set up attendance table.
Put out plates, utensils, etc on catering table in hallway (2 crates from store cupboard).
Set up 2 tables for dining (if not already done) in hallway
Set up lectern and check IT equipment is out (we will be using the band’s sound system and mic, as well as data projector  from venue as well as our own laptop).  Data projector turned on by top right button, then hook up working computer.
Return equipment to storage after meeting.
Leave tables and chairs in place as on arrival
Place name badges so members can recover them as they arrive.
Placemats on each table - these may need rearranging to suit our meeting.
Place lectern by top table, at front. Could be 2 oblong tables to side (set for 6).
Place sergeant’s paraphernalia on top table (shrapnel box, fines box, raffle numbers, bell and hammer). Microphone to be placed by lectern.
Place Presidents paraphernalia on top table (chain of office, collar microphone, flags).
Place roll out banner(s) by top table behind lectern.
Put out tear drop banner in hallway (leave assembled in cupboard after meeting )
After the meeting return all equipment, including name badge box where you found it in cupboard. Venue should be left as according to Don Rowlands requirements.
Large items are stored as provided by Don Rowlands Centre
Table ware is stored in the crate in equipment room. 
Turn as many lights off as possible, turn off heating.
Locking up:
No need to lock up building – security will arrange this. TEXT Liz when leaving 027 5716206
Bar Duty
5-5.15pm in time to assist with set up before regular meeting.
Set up bar - sell drinks - clear up afterwards. Don Rowlands Bar Manager will co-ordinate.
Glassware as appropriate.
We use Don Rowlands alcohol stocks.
Glassware to use: Don Rowlands glasses
Serve at bar before meeting from 5.30pm (as directed by Don Rowlands bar manager)
Serve members after business sessions and before meal.
Place empty bottles in recycling bins or receptacle as advised by Bar Manager.
Bottle tops (as advised by Bar Manager.
Return unused and part used bottles to fridge.
Don Rowlands Bar Manager will handle takings or just leave at end on counter.
Glassware (wineglasses) 
Locking up:
No need at Don Rowlands.
Speaker Introduction
Before meeting.
Welcome speaker - introduce to President and Club.
Be in time to welcome the evening's speaker.
Introduce to President.
Ensure they are set up for any PowerPoint presentation they have with them - ask if they have a USB to use (IT duty person will take over setting up IT equipment).
Confirm that talk should be about 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions.
Provide with drink from bar (Club pays for this).
Help guest socialise with members once set up.
Sit with guest for the meeting at the top table.
Introduce the speaker to the club with brevity.
If you have looked them up on Dr Google before the meeting make sure you have the right person.
Thanking Speaker
After Speaker
Thank speaker and present with small token of appreciation (if there is one). Sit with guest for the meeting at top table.
Obtain thank you gift from Sergeant.
Thanks should be extremely brief and ask the club to show its appreciation.
Did you know …
During Meeting (most likely at end)
3 minutes to talk to the club on a Rotary topic – or other general topic that you know of and is interesting and/or informative. Something that you know about or have experienced – something unique if possible. Please keep this talk positive.
While “Did you know ……” comment is the choice of the individual member, it is important to remember: 
Article 16 Community, National, and International affairs
Section 1 — Proper Subjects. The merits of any public question involving the general welfare of the community, the nation, and the world are of concern to the members of this club and shall be proper subjects of fair and informed study and discussion at a club meeting for the enlightenment of its members in forming their individual opinions. 
However, this club shall not express an opinion on any pending controversial public measure.
Section 2 — No Endorsements. This club shall not endorse or recommend any candidate for public office and shall not discuss at any club meeting the merits or demerits of any such candidate.
Section 3 — Non-Political.
(a) Resolutions and Opinions. This club shall neither adopt nor circulate resolutions or opinions and shall not take action dealing with world affairs or international policies of a political nature.
(b) Appeals. This club shall not direct appeals to clubs, peoples, or governments, or circulate letters, speeches, or proposed plans for the solution of specific international problems of a political nature.
Kitchen Duty
Follows regular meeting.
Wash, (put in sanitiser) and dry bar glassware or leave in sterilizer. 
Tables should clear glassware into kitchen.
Clear tables of crockery and utensils.
If caterers do not clean/wash plates and utensils undertake as necessary
Hand wash glasses and load into sanitiser. This has a fast cycle of 2 minutes. 
Dry glasses store wineglasses.
Hang tea towels to dry. 
Return plate/ cutlery crates to store cupboard.
Provided in kitchen
Locking up:
Leave with those on equipment
Aug 06, 2020
Cambridge Community House
Sep 03, 2020
Follow-up to 19 March Zoom Meeting
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