Club Meeting:
Thursday 21 March 2024
Guest speakers
Science Forum Participants
Staff Room
Cambridge High School
If you are not attending, please register your apology in the normal manner
From President David
A good turnout last Thursday to Committee meetings and we welcomed our past member Jan Ryan (Bilton) at the beginning of the meeting who was visiting Cambridge and celebrating Michael’s birthday. We welcomed also our IYE student Marie for the evening who always is keen to sit in on Committee meetings and be part of our Club while she is here.
Nigel Salter gave us a good address for his The Way We Were talk and shared his experiences with his Rotary Club in Cairns. In its day the Club was very strong and he talked about the main projects and fundraisers and the Club is currently a shell of its former self and he had concerns how much longer it would survive.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
President David
Le Quesnoy Friendship Exchange
President David has previously shared with us the plans for the Cambridge Rotary Friendship Exchange plan to visit Le Quesnoy. The 29th August is their ‘traditional aperitif’ ie changeover and the incoming President is Philippe Declerk who visited Cambridge last year in November with the Le Quesnoy delegation.
The plan so far is that President David and partner Suzanne are planning to be there for the changeover and Incoming President Philippe and his wife Axelle have offered to host them.  President David has invited anyone in the Club to join them and we will coordinate with the Le Quesnoy Rotary Club to arrange a programme and hosting plan. The Rotary Club of Le Quesnoy are excited about the prospect of a visit from us.
The current President Frederic has mentioned also that they are inviting a Belgium Club to their changeover as well.
President David is still coordinating a Zoom meet with Rotary Club of Le Quesnoy over the coming weeks to start the planning (while we have our French Interpreter Louise). Would anyone like to be involved in the zoom call?
If anyone in the Club is interested in joining the delegation to Le Quesnoy please contact President David so we have some idea of potential interest.
These photos are of current President Frederic & President Elect Philippe.
There's lots of work going into sorting books ready for this year.  A large number of books are coming in so if you have a few spare hours during the week to help, please let Ray Milner know.
The Way We Were
Nigel Salter's "The Way We Were" talk focused on his previous club in Cairns.  He was President of the Cairns North Rotary Club in 1996/97, which had a membership of around 50, and at that time was an all-male club, the vast majority of who were gainfully employed.
Meetings took place on a Wednesday evening, commencing with Rotary grace followed by a toast to the Queen.  The Club's main activities during Nigel's year were community targeted via events and projects.
One memorable project was the "Dream Flight' where QANTAS provided a Boeing 767 to take handicapped local kids on a “dream flight” round trip from Cairns to Townsville.  Another was Queensland Rail giving a train to take elderly citizens from retirement homes to Kuranda and back.  The other major fundraiser was running the bar at the annual Cairns Show which was a lot of fun and raised around $40,000 annually.
Bruised Brothers Band in action for Cambridge Autumn Festival this weekend
Catering at the last meeting was provided by the Cambridge High School Lacrosse Boys' team, who received a donation towards their fundraising.
Coming Events and Reminders
  • Bookarama set up 17-21 April.  
  • District Conference 9930, 17-19 May. More details about the District Conference can be found at this website

Please take note of the Duty Roster and be in good time for your duties. 

If you are unable to attend on the date you are rostered, please swap or arrange a substitute. Please also advise the President and Sergeant of the change.
Should you wish to download here is a link to the duty responsibilities  
Please text apologies and extras, including names and the related date to 021 0267 8742 (or phone) or email (click the link below) By end of day ON Tuesday.  Do not press "reply" from this bulletin email.
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Our Rotary World
I've Been Rostered For Duty - What Do I Do?
Equipment Duty 
5.15pm in time to set up before regular meeting.
Plus after the close of the meeting
Set up attendance table.
Ensure bollards open.
Place name badges so members can recover them as they arrive.
Arrange placemats on each table. Put out plates, utensils, etc on end of bench to left of servery.
Set up lectern and join 2 tables to create a top table. Data projector turned on by remote in draw and HDMI cable ready for speaker’s computer.
Place Sergeant’s paraphernalia on top table (shrapnel box, fines box, raffle numbers, bell and hammer). Microphone to be placed by lectern.
Turn on sound system in right cupboard, turn on 3 power switches.
Place Presidents paraphernalia on top table (chain of office).
Place blind banner by top table behind lectern.
After the meeting return all equipment, including name badge box where you found it in cupboard. Venue should be left as it was found.
Name badges
Rotary Banner
Dinner plates, utensils
Gong, Raffle
Turn as many lights off as possible, turn off heating.
Locking up:
Last one out lock bollards and shut outside door
Bar Duty
5-5.15pm in time to assist with set up before regular meeting.
Set up bar - sell drinks - clear up afterwards & restock for next week.
Key to Bar fridge is in top left pigeon hole.
Glassware in cupboards out back by pigeon holes, only in right cupboard.
Display name of Duty Manager and licence
Serve at bar before meeting from 5.30pm.
Serve members after business sessions and before meal.
Place empty bottles in recycling bins.
Return unused and part used bottles to fridge. Reds to cupboard out back
Stock up fridge for following meeting – su[pplies kept in cupboard by entrance- same keyring.
Leave float of $120 in frig- Mainly $5 notes if possible. Rest of money to treasurer
Glassware (wineglasses) 
Locking up:
Return any unused drinks to fridge or cupboard and lock fridge.
Speaker Introduction
Welcome speaker - introduce to President and Club.
Be in time to welcome the evening's speaker.
Introduce to President.
Ensure they are set up for any PowerPoint presentation they have with them - ask if they have a USB to use (IT duty person will take over setting up IT equipment).
Confirm that talk should be about 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions.
Provide with drink from bar (Club pays for this).
Help guest socialise with members once set up.
Sit with guest for the meeting at the top table.
Introduce the speaker to the club with brevity.
If you have looked them up on Dr Google before the meeting make sure you have the right person.
Thanking Speaker
After Speaker
Thank speaker and present with small token of appreciation (if there is one).
Obtain thank you gift from Sergeant.
Thanks should be extremely brief and ask the club to show its appreciation.
Our Rotary World
During Meeting
A short speech or presentation with a focus on a Rotary Subject - particularly District or International
5-6 Minutes on how Rotary contributes outside of out immediate club which our club members may not know about.  – RI website is good place to go for research. (Happy for you to include a Power Point of short Video if needed). Club president happy to assist and advise as needed.
The topic may be requested from the president. If technology is needed it is important this is arranged and setup prior to meeting.
Kitchen Duty
Follows regular meeting.
Wash and dry bar glassware.
Tables should clear glassware into kitchen.
Clear tables of crockery so caterer can wash.
Hand wash glasses and packed into boxes and return to back cupboard.
Provided in kitchen
Locking up:
Leave with those on equipment
Club Meetings 
Attendance Duty
5.20pm in time to welcome people as they arrive at venue – currently at Cambridge High staff room
Welcome members and visitors alike.
Record attendance and apologies on attendance sheet.
Complete name cards for all visitors to wear and record names.
Record make ups and receive attendance cards.
Provide attendance cards to visiting Rotarians. Charge $23.50 for meal unless guest of a member.
Encourage members to buy raffle tickets.
Give President list of all visitors including member’s partners and visiting Rotarians. 
Prepare summary of attendance numbers.
Hand attendance sheet to treasurer for charging of meals.
Members Badges stored in cupboard meeting venue.
Raffle tickets and cash box stored in cupboard. Key to cupboard in top left pigeonhole at rear of staff room.
Attendance sheet received from attendance officer any time after midday on Wednesday.
Welcome Duty & Toast
5.20pm in time to welcome people as they arrive.
Welcome members and visitors alike.
Stand by the entrance and greet everyone as they arrive (a great way to learn members’ names).
Introduce any visitor to the President if possible (he/she may be otherwise engaged).
Introduce the speaker to the person rostered to introduce them later in the evening.
You will need to know who the speaker is and who is introducing them.
Introduce other visitors to one or more members and ask them to host the visitor for the evening.
At our regular meetings we will toast the members of a Rotary club in another part of the world. The toast reminds us of the international nature of Rotary and that clubs like ours are active and doing good on every continent and it is one of our 3 focus areas this year, Rotary Awareness. The duty involves researching a Rotary Club somewhere in the world, making contact with them, sourcing an image or brief on the club and we have a toast to the Club.  Ideally finding out things like: the size of the Club, ratio of males to females, age of the Club, main Community Projects and Fundraising activities gives us an appreciation of the wider Rotary World. (Pres David happy for you to include a Power Point of slide of club if needed.  He is happy to assist with this and advise as needed.)
Club Information
Welcome to Rotary Cambridge
Service Above Self
Thursdays at 5:30 PM
Staff Room Cambridge High School
25 Swayne Rd
Cambridge, Waikato 3434
New Zealand
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