Contact: Mark Hanlon
New Zealand

Club meeting (informal)

The materials Recovery Team planned to launch our first collection after many months of preparation. This was to be just for Rotary and will take place in conjunction with our Club meeting on March 26th. T.his is now cancelled due to COVID-19

·Our main focus during 2020 is the collection of e-waste up to the size of a microwave or desktop computer. E-waste is any piece of household equipment that runs on electricity or batteries and is no longer required or works.

·The primary purpose of our project is collect this equipment and divert it from being dumped in a landfill, which is what currently happens to this type of waste in Cambridge.

·The Team have developed contacts within the waste industry who can recover virtually all the materials used in this equipment and ensure it is recycled for reuse. 

·We can therefore assure the public we have an environmentally sound solution to the disposal of this type of equipment.

·There are other businesses around the country who also collect these materials. Some will collect items at no cost and waste industry experts have serious doubts about what happens to much of this equipment. They believe after removal of the more valuable components, the rest is simply dumped.

·Like many other credible organisations around New Zealand, to be economically viable we will need to charge people some fee to leave equipment with us to dispose of in an ethical and environmentally sound manner.