Bookarama 2024
Collecting is underway for Bookarama 2024.
This is a WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity for all:
Why a WIN_ WIN_ WIN?
Some WIN by donating surplus books.
Others WIN buying books at bargain process.
            The Community WIN by supporting local Charities.
Books can be left at Achievement House, Wilson Street, Cambridge between 9am and 3pm weekdays until 20 December and again from 15 January until 1 April 2024.
The Sale will be in the Town Hall from Wednesday 17 April until Sunday 21 April.
Books donated should be:
In good order – as you would like to receive as a gift or buy for yourself.
  • Fiction and non-fiction 
  • Hardback or paperback 
  • Collectable books 
  • Vintage comics 
  • Complete jigsaws or board games 
  • Old postcards 
  • Stamps & Coins 
We do not want:
  • Old textbooks 
  • Damaged books or books you wouldn’t want to buy or be given 
  • Old library books 
  • Readers digest abridged books 
  • Old gardening books or cookbooks
  • Any magazines 
  • Video tapes, CDs, DVDs 
If you are unable to deliver your books to Achievement House please call either:
                        Ray Milner        0274-810-777; or
                        Dennis Finn       0272-814-113
All funds raised are donated to Cambridge Community Charitable Organisations.
Thank you for your support.