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Next Meeting 12th September

Next Meeting - Thursday September 12th - District Governor's Visit

Speakers:   D.G. Peter Maxwell
Topic:      District Governor
Venue:     Resthaven Community Centre
Time:      5:30pm for 6:00pm start


Club meeting 5th September 2019N
President Robyn welcomed to the meeting guest speaker Louise Upston, Jackie and Rachael Leatham, Peter Church and Jono Gibson.
Guest Speaker – Louise Upston, MP for Taupo – A Day in the Life of an MP
President Robyn invited Roger Gordon to introduce Louise. In her opening remarks, Louise thanked Rotary for their contribution and service to the community. Her desire to become a politician started when she was in primary school. She said that the Opposition Party’s primary responsibility was to hold the Government to account in the promises that they had made and in accordance with their policies. In her role as an Electorate MP she advocates on local issues. A glimpse of an “ordinary” day when Parliament is in recess – which it currently is – she spends some time at Parliament in Wellington and more time in the Electorate than when Parliament is sitting. The days are busy even in recess - catching up on emails, travelling considerable distances throughout the electorate to meetings and events, attending clinics in her office, other business in the towns and then hopefully a little time for herself on some evenings.  Her days also involve responding to media queries and phone calls.
Louise spoke about the three referenda coming up, which were Legalising Cannabis, Abortion Law Reform (both initiated by Government) and the End of Life Bill (Member’s Bill).  All these were significant. Referendum could be binding or non-binding.
When entering Parliament, the individual has little choice as to which Select Committee they sit on. On behalf of the Opposition, Louise currently leads the Social Development portfolio and enjoys the challenges of that position.  Thanks was in the hands of Kim Prichard who presented Louise with a token of the club’s appreciation.
Induction of new member – Jono Gibson
Immediate Past-President Ray Milner introduced Jono Gibson as a new member of Rotary Cambridge.  Jono moved to Cambridge with his wife Ashley last year to take over Cambridge Funerals.  He has attended a number of club meetings so far and indicated a desire to become a Rotarian.  Ray had much pleasure in proposing him. In noting the aims and objectives of Rotary, President Robyn said she was delighted to induct Jono into the club and presented him with his Rotary pin. His classification will be Funeral Services and he will be a member of the Community Services Committee under the directorship of Ken Leatham.
Congratulations - to Colin Davis who has been a Rotarian for 50 years.  Over this long period Colin has given significantly in terms of service and dedication to Rotary and the community, showing the true meaning of “Service above Self”.
Vocational Visit - AgResearch, Ruakura
President Robyn thanked Director - Don Wilson for organizing a very interesting visit last week to AgResearch, Ruakura to learn about the work at the Small Animal Laboratory and the presentation on sheep milking.
Harrier half marathon marshalling – 15 September
Bill Robinson made available the roster for the marshalling on 15 September.  He has since advised that the times he put out at the meeting are incorrect.  They will be a half hour earlier.  He will send a bulk email out with the updated list with times (Attached)plus map during the week. Bill is proposing that the debrief be held at the club meeting on Thursday, 12 September rather than on the morning of the marathon. Note: if you haven’t apologized to Bill for this marshalling you will be listed as on duty.
 Sunday 15th September  . Briefing is at  Rotary on 12th. Or by ringing me. PLEASE REPORT 15min before alloted time     
 I will give you a vest at your marshalling point so please be on time.     
  Point NO. Description From Until
ID Name Half Marshals    
1 Andrew Bateman Roundabout of Swayne Road/Tulip Drive 1 right down Tulip Drive 9.00 9.34
2 Gordon Calder end of 1st Island in Tulip Dr 1 Turnaround point on Tulip Drive 9.00 9.34
3 Maurie Marshment  northside of Roundabout 1 Direct back onto Swayne Road 9.00 9.34
4 Jeremy Irwin Zig Zag Road 1+ TM Road crossing to LHS of Zig Zag Rd 9.11 9.50
5 David Blewden Hogan Road 1 turn left into Hogan Rd 9.14 9.52
6 Ian Grant Hogan Rd / Fencourt Road turn left 2+ TM Road crossing to RHS of Fencourt Rd 9.19 9.59
7 John Windle Hogan / Fencourt Rd turn left  Road crossing to RHS of Fencourt Rd 9.19 9.59
8 Ray Milner Southend of Aspin Road 1 keeping to RHS  before junction 10.19 11.37
9 John Bishop Fencourt Rd / Aspin junction 2 + TM Road crossing to RHS of Fencourt Rd 10.19 11.37
10 John Bullick Fencourt Rd / Aspin junction   10.19 11.37
11 Roger Gordon Thornton Rd / St Kilda Intersection 1 T-intersection 10.28 12.00
11a Doug Lang Thornton/Tiaki Way 1 crossing Taiki Way 10.28 12.00
12 Brian Palmer Thornton Road / Oaks Drive Intersection 1 crossing Oaks Drive 10.28 12.00
13 Dennis Finn Maclean St into Taylor St 1 Direct around corner on outside 10.34 12.19
14 Roger Hill Taylor St / Watkins Rd Intersection 1+TM Traffic Intersection 10.36 12.19
15 Bill Robinson Taylor St / Swayne Rd 1 cross to LHS Swayne Rd 10.39 12.27
  2k Marshals    
1 Andrew Bateman Corner Swayne Road / Tulip Drive 1 right down Tulip Drive 9.40 9.50
2 Gordon Calder Tulip Dr / Lilac Close 1 down Tulip, across Liliac Close 9.40 9.50
16 Richard Johnstone Tulip Dr/ Watkins Road 1 right into Watkins Road 9.40 10.00
14 Roger Hill Watkins Rd/ Oak Pathway 1 right onto pathway through oaks 9.50 10.00
13 Dennis Finn Oak Pathway/Swayne Rd 1 right into Swayne Rd, to finish 9.55 10.10
  10k Marshals    
1 Andrew Bateman Corner Swayne Road / Tulip Drive 1 through roundabout 10.15 10.25
4 Jeremy Irwin Corner Swayne Road / Appleby road 1 Turn right into Appleby Road 10.20 10.40
5 David Blewden end of walkway / Wells Place 1 turn left into Wells Place 10.25 10.50
    and cross to RHS of Wells Place  
6 Ian Grant Wells Place / St Kilda Rd Intersection 1 direct across St Kilda 10.30 11.00
7 John Windle Wells Place / Fencourt Rd 1 right into Fencourt Rd 10.30 11.00
  5k Marshals    
1 Andrew Bateman Roundabout of Swayne Road/Tulip Drive 1 right down Tulip Drive 10.25 10.35
2 Gordon Calder Tulip Dr / Lilac Close 1 right into Lilac Close 10.25 10.40
3 Maurie Marshment Tulip Dr / Jasmine Pl  1 cross to LHS of Tulip Dr 10.25 10.45
16 Richard Johnstone  Tulip Dr roundabout 1 Turn left, and cross to RHS Watkins 10.30 10.50
16a Bronwen Byers end Watkins Rd 1 turn right onto Saffron walkway 10.30 10.50
17 Laurie Graham Saffron Bridge 1 Left over walk bridge 10.35 10.55
18 LesleyAnne Thomas On to Thornton Road 1 Right Hand turn stay on footpath 10.40 11.35
           Name Water Stations   Start End
19 John Tarbutt Flume Rd 2 Drinks Table 1 9.20 10.10
20 Kim Prichard   Drinks Table 1  
21 Bill Wilson Aspin Road North + FIRST AID KIT 2 Drinks Table 2 9.30 10.45
22 Ted Mason   Drinks Table 2  
23 Ken Leatham Aspin Road Middle 2 Drinks Table 3 10.08 11.12
24 Silvio Ribiero   Drinks Table 3  
25 Mark Hanlon Fencourt Road  +  FIRST AID KIT 2 Drinks Table 4 10.19 11.37
26 Don Wilson   Drinks Table 4  
27 Elaine Ruis Maungakawa Road 2 Drinks Table 5 10.38 12.00
28 Denis White   Drinks Table 5  
29 Andy Newman Maclean St 2 Drinks Table 6 10.34 12.15
30 Richard Johnstone   Drinks Table 6  
  Emercency ph Bill 0272870596    
Marshal briefing:      
·         Thank you for your time helping us today. We hope you enjoy encouraging the participants.      
·         Traffic Management is being provided by Traffic Management NZ.      
·         Safety is our top priority for everyone today – including you!      
·         You are required to wear the High Viz vest      
Nominations Committee
President Robyn said that 42 people participated in the vote for two members to sit on the Nominations Committee.  She estimated that that was about 75% of the club.  John Tarbutt and Andy Newman were duly elected.
Vocational Visit – Te Puia Springs
The Survey Monkey response for the above visit on 31 October was to be extended to allow more people to indicate their intention to travel to Rotorua’s Te Puia.  This would be a combined visit with Rotorua West.  David Blewden reminded members of the visit 3-4 years ago prior to the $12M-$15M re-development.  This was a great opportunity to tour Te Puia, see the re-development and for fellowship.
The Buffet Dinner is $45 per person.  Start time will be 5.30pm with a brief update, tour of facilities followed at 7.15pm with the dinner.  Bar and lounge facilities are available which we can move to prior to the meal.  Carpooling or other transport will be organized with details advised later.
To respond via Survey Monkey please click here.  This will open a web page with 3 simple questions.
Daffodil Day Collection
A big thank you to all who volunteered to help for the Daffodil Day Collection. A special thank you to Bob Teal and Ken Leatham for their organization.  The Cancer Society was delighted with the amount raised and although not able to confirm the total it was more than last year.
Bar Duty – glasses
Those on bar duty please note that our own glasses will be used from now on.  We will no longer be using the Resthaven ones.
Rotary Branded Clothing
There is a little delay in the arrival of the Rotary branded clothing orders due to consignment checks by Customs.
District Governor Peter Maxwell – Club visit
DG Peter Maxwell will visit our club next week on Thursday 12 September.  We look forward to a good attendance.
District Grant Project
An application for a District Grant has been submitted by Doug Lang for the bus shelter project.
Raffle Winners
Ted Mason (1st), Colin Davis (2nd) – congratulations.
Magic Moment
Chris Crickett gave a humorous and enlightening account of a day in the life of a vet particularly at the time of calving.  He certainly lives and breathes the life of James Herriot!!
The Rotary Learning and Information Workshop – 19 and 20 October
Members will have received by email details of The Rotary Learning and Information Workshop at Rotary Hall Taradale on 19 and 20 October - 9 am to 4 pm. You may participate in Day One or Day 2 only (only if you have completed Day 1).  Have a think about attending – particularly newer members. You can register by clicking here Click this link to register
International Rotary News
-International Convention – 6-10 June 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
15 December 2019: Last day for early-registration discount
Registration is open to Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, alumni, Youth Exchange students, club and district employees, and spouses of deceased Rotarians. Guests can also attend at the appropriate fee.  
The temperature in Hawaii in June is between 22-30 degrees Celsius.  Consider taking advantage of the relatively close location to New Zealand and attend this major world-wide Rotary event.


The Graduate Programme  of the Rotary Learning and Information Workshop,  28 September 2019 at Rotary House in Taupo 9 am to 4 pm.


Why is the Graduate programme important to your Rotary Experience and Contribution?

You will learn how to

  • Make a real difference in your club, your area and your district.
  • Take actions that make a difference.
  • identify and deal with the Said and Unsaid;
  • Create Transformational Change;
  • Use Past and Future-Based Thinking and Conversations;
  • Evaluate Your Club (What Is and Isn't Working plus What's Missing);
  • Create a Perfect 10 (Out of 10) Club;
  • Build a Future Scenario;
  • Being In the "Game" of Rotary; Integrity; and the Impact Ladder. 

Who can attend:

People who have completed (graduated from) all three modules of Rotary Learning and Information


$100 (includes course material, morning tea and lunch).  This is invoiced to and usually paid by the participant’s Rotary or Rotaract club. We will do our best to meet special dietary needs providing you notify us of your requirements 10 days prior

Note: Failure to notify the coordinator and withdraw participation within 48 hours of start date will result in payment being due by the event. Late registrations may be accepted at Chair's discretion

Limited numbers of graduates can participate.

Click this link to register. Spaces are LIMITED





Please take note of the Duty Roster and be in good time for your duties.

NOTE The Duty "Magic Moment" is: A short comment referencing something in our community, or within Rotary which you find inspiring, encouraging or adding to the joy and pleasure of life. It should be an uplifting story that takes no more than two minutes to deliver. Ideally it will be something from the last week or so, something others may not yet have heard about.
If you are unable to attend on the date you are rostered, please swap or arrange a substitute.
Here is a link to the duty responsibilities  
 Please Text Apologies and extras including names and the related date to 021 0267 8742 (or phone) or email  BY MIDDAY ON Wednesday 
Do not press reply from this bulletin email to send apologies or extras
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Weekly Duties

A new description of the weekly duties has been published.  You can see the full description on ClubRunner using this link to the duties


Attendance Duty
5.25pm in time to welcome people as they arrive at the Resthaven Community Room.
Welcome members and visitors alike.
Record attendance and apologies on attendance sheet.
Complete name cards for all visitors to wear and record names.
Record make ups and receive attendance cards.
Provide attendance cards to visiting Rotarians. Charge $23.50 for meal unless guest of a member.
Sell raffle tickets.
Give President list of all visitors including members partners and visiting Rotarians.
Prepare summary of attendance numbers.
Hand attendance sheet to treasurer for charging of meals.
Members Badges stored in room beside kitchen.
Raffle tickets and cash box stored in black metal cupboard in equipment room Key to cupboard attached to inside of lectern.
Attendance sheet received from attendance officer anytime after luncheon on Wednesday.
Cash box stored in black cupboard in equipment room.
Sep 12, 2019
District Governor's Visit
Sep 19, 2019
JPD- Just some fun for the evening
Sep 26, 2019
New Principal - Cambridge High School
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