Speaker Date Topic
No Meeting Apr 25, 2019
PE Robyn Crickett May 02, 2019
The Year Ahead

Robyn needs our help to formulate her plans  for the Club in the year ahead

PDG Stuart Baty May 09, 2019
Rotary NZ World Community Services

Rotary NZ World Community Services

Rotary New Zealand assists its partners in providing support to those living in poverty or affected by natural disasters. Our goal is to create sustainable outcomes - in the form of a hand up rather than a handout.

RNZWCS provide:

Disaster relief. When our Pacific neighbours require immediate assistance following a cyclone, tsunami or earthquake, we distribute Emergency Response Kits. Once the initial response has passed, we help local people rebuild their lives. This might involve repairing homes, schools and hospitals, restoring water supplies and sanitation, and so on.

International development. We assist struggling communities make long-lasting improvements to their economic and social circumstances. We provide funding, project management expertise and experienced mentors to build capacity in affected communities so that they can become self-sufficient.

Tim & Simon Ross May 16, 2019
Muscle Car Diner

A visit to long standing local business  C & R Developments at Hautapu to view their Muscle Car Diner and treasure trove of vehicles and historical machinery